2. a hint of new work


  3. Oof this is good.



  5. The Armory in Marie Claire South Africa.



  6. gluepaperscissors:


    Tumblr Artist

    Bene Rohlmann | Glue-Paper-Scissors on Tumblr (b.1985, Germany)

    Bene Rohlmann is a German artist who lives and works in Berlin. He practiced various techniques to create art: photography, illustration and collage. Although best known for his sarcastic and cynical drawings, he also creates fantastic collages based on vintage magazines and books. Bene describes his collages as”weird cut&paste scenarios” and shares them on Glue-Paper-Scissors.

    [more Bene Rohlmann]

    thank you for the feature, artchipel!

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  7. belashayevich:


    Asteroid due to fly in between Earth and the moon

    SPACE.com: NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program says a small asteroid will fly in between Earth and the moon on Tuesday, with its closest pass to our planet occurring around 5:45 p.m. ET.

    The asteroid was first discovered on Oct. 25. During its closest pass, the space rock will fly by Earth at a distance of about 176,000 miles. It’s estimated to be between 39 and 89 feet wide. 

    Photo: This illustration shows the trajectory of asteroid 2013 UV3, in blue, as it flies by Earth. (NASA/JPL)

    guess it missed, huh


  8. Here’s the first hint of my newest project, 123 Cherry.


  9. imaphotoeditor:

    Look what came in the mail today!

    Good work / promo/ by Matt Eich


  10. let-s-build-a-home:


    A strange phenomenon spotted above the skies in Kralovsky Chlmec, Slovakia. According to online research, this so called “circular halo” is an unusual sight and it is seen usually around spring and autumn. Many are near the sun or moon but others are elsewhere and even in the opposite part of the sky, they can also form around artificial lights in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air. The effect is produced by ice crystals creating coloured or white arcs and spots in the sky.

    Photograph: Robert Nemeti/Barcroft Media

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  11. Revisiting old work:

    Site of JFK’s death and Grassy knoll, Dallas, Texas


  12. vuls:

    1984 by Ed Ruscha

    I’m quite partial to my birth year.

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  14. picturedept:

    Here and There

    A Clueless Spectator is an ongoing series of New York City street photographs by Hiroyuki Ito.  The Japanese artist, who moved to New York in 1992, finds magic in the everyday experiences of city dwellers: a nap on the subway, a cigarette break on the sidewalk or window-shopping at night.  Selected works from Ito’s New York photographs will be on view through October 10, as part of the two-part exhibition, Red Rain/A Clueless Spectator, at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Red Rain is a second series of pictures taken during Ito’s emotional first trip back to Japan for his father’s funeral, after 20 years in New York. 

    Opening reception
    September 19, 2013
    6-8 p.m.
    Gulf + Western Gallery
    721 Broadway
New York, NY


  15. I’ll be teaching a class on inDesign, photobooks, and self-publishing at Rayko here in San Francisco starting in November.

    There are a few spots left, so don’t miss!

    If you sign up with a friend, you both get a discount on tuition.

    Message me with Qs.



    Photography books have experienced a revival in popularity in the last decade in large part due to self-publishing sites like Blurb. In this comprehensive 5-week workshop, students will gain a working knowledge of Adobe inDesign and best practices for book design including the importance of design, sequencing, use of text and other materials. Students will also be exposed to a range of artist books, from foundational books like “The Americans” to “Open See”, “Redheaded Peckerwood”, “Take Care of Yourself”, and “Jens F”. Students will leave the class with production-ready inDesign files. The course is suited for intermediate through professional photographers who have a body of work or a concept ready for the book form. 

     PRE-REQ: Basic Photoshop skills/ knowledge of digital workflow Bring: 5-10 images.